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Soothe Your Dog's Stress & Anxiety: Calm with melatonin


2000+ Reviews on Amazon 

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Support Increased Mobility: Hip & Joint Chews with turmeric


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Enhance skin & Coat + Immunity: Omega Max Chews


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Calm with melatonin

My dogs are high-energy and scared of everything. Nights when we have to be gone and there is a lot going on in the city we give them calm and it helps calm them. I highly recommend this product!


Hip & joint with turmeric

I just got a puppy about 3 months ago and I was really concerned about the growth and overall development of my new puppy. Have been using these for about a month and she is doing great!



Every summer my Labrador gets dried out, itchy skin and he scratches like crazy. I've tried many things and nothing seemed to help. My vet recommended eggs (raw or cooked; I give them raw and he loves it), and that helped but not a lot. After a couple weeks of taking these regularly, his itchy, irritated skin improved.

Waggedy people are pet people

In 2015, Southern Oregon adventurer Ben Bellinson, along with his four dogs, explored the picturesque Siskiyou and Cascade Mountains.

During a magical hike, Ben felt inspired to create products to keep dogs happy and healthy. And so, fueled by his passion for canine wellness, waggedy® was born – a testament to the power of nature and the unbreakable bond between a man and his furry friends.

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