waggedy People are Pet People

Ashland Oregon Outdoor Exposure

 photo credit: Sean Bagshaw Outdoor Exposure Photography


waggedy® was launched in 2015 in Southern Oregon by Ben Bellinson. Ben, along with his dogs Hobie, Landon and Nelson, has hiked the Siskiyou and Cascade Mountain for years. The time in the mountains recharged him, renews his energy and creativity, and joy. The trails keep him and his dogs happy and healthy.

Prior to waggedy Ben worked for major media brands developing and managing partnerships based on trust, shared success, and products that delivered on their promise. Faced with unexpected health challenges, Ben refocused his time and experience on doing something that brought him joy every morning on the trails. He reached out to leading academic veterinarians, nutritional veterinarians, and compounding pharmacists and other experts to formulate vitamins and supplements using the highest quality ingredients possible to keep dogs active and vigorous as long as possible.

The Siskiyou and Cascade Mountains continue to inspire and motivate our team in Southern Oregon and led to a growing portfolio of products trusted by dog owners across the United States and Canada. It’s on these mountain trails that waggedy connects with other dog lovers who are the perfect focus group and four-legged product testers.


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